Modern business risks
deserve a modern measure


We create a risk profile for businesses and roads. We bring the experience using data that are routinely available in cities, influencing the way insurance, banks, corporations, and even the cities themselves, measure risk. 


Measuring business
and automobile risks

ODN helps make quick determinations with incomplete information about whether to insure local businesses and automobiles. ODN focuses underwriters quoting automobile and small and middle sized commercial businesses. 


Get underwriters to the most important business first [and faster]

ODN lets the machine learn how to organize the workflow of underwriters. A first of its kind risk measure to grow sales, our performance management logic is fully integrated into performance and information management tools to maximize for consistency, speed, and profitability.


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Prioritize the submissions that are exempted but look similar to profitable policies to respond quickly and find new automation rules. 


Spend the appropriate amount of time reviewing submissions that are most similar to profitable policies and less effort on the business you do not want. 



Define probabilistic rules, rather than binary decisions, when deciding what gets automated. For exemptions, reinforce a defined underwriting box and increase consistency in submission evaluation.


ODN understands there is a tremendous opportunity to use machine learning in insurance, and uniquely they're focused on logistics, not just pricing.

— Partnership Fund for New York City

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We are Leading Insurtechs

ODN's thought leadership is transforming the insurance industry and has been recognized in the press.

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Our Team

ODN's team has spent our careers delivering tools that leverage city data to improve performance across industries and academia. Our team are responsive experts and good listeners, so you should get to know us.