Auto scoring solutions

Auto insurers are looking to drive better bottom line results by taking a smart, strategic approach to risk evaluation and selection. Leading carriers now use ODN’s measures to fine tune their coverage decisions. 

Small and mid-sized business solutions

Leveraging ODN's deep knowledge and experience, insurers can use ODN's analytic solutions to see outside of their existing portfolio and pre-score or project pricing from robust, timely, and location-specific city administrative records.


We can prove it

In the first six weeks of implementation, we can provide projections of increased sales, improved profitability, and reduced customer acquisition costs for your organization.


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We make underwriting more efficient


This year, underwriters will touch applications from over 7.5 million small-medium sized businesses that fail to get an automatic quote.

Without a way to prioritize this high volume of submissions, underwriters lose valuable business and waste time reviewing applications that they ultimately do not quote.


ODN brings extensive knowledge of city data and experience using machine learning to deliver a customized, on-demand risk rating that triages insurance quote submissions and pinpoints what's in the underwriting box and most likely to bind. 


Underwriters query ODN's proprietary API for an on-demand measure of risk exposures.